Eco Friendly Initiatives @ ‘Eleven'

At Eleven we are committed to making our planet green. It is our endeavor to reduce our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum. We believe and follow the saying – Save the planet today and survive tomorrow.

Here are the steps we follow towards this end:

• A letter is placed in a welcome folder in each room requesting guests to conserve water and electricity in different ways.

• We use energy saving CFL bulbs in all our light points / lamps.

• We avoid the use of plastic bags as much as possible.

• We have put individual hot water boilers in each bathroom as opposed to putting one big boiler for the whole house which uses up more energy.

• We try to buy locally produced fruits and vegetables as much as possible - this reduces the use of fuel in transportation.

• We do not use plastic flower pots on our premises - all our flower pots are made of terra cotta even though they are more expensive and keep breaking at regular intervals.

• Use recycled paper for everyday use as much as possible.

• We are in the process of getting a rain water harvesting pit built at Eleven.

• Also in the pipeline is a gray water recyling system.


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